[Update 2/10/2016: Ellie Oben passed away yesterday. At her request, in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a college fund for her 6-year-old son: Ellie’s Legacy: Jalen]
ellie's heartA week ago, my friend and teacher Ellie, who’s been battling breast cancer for some years now, let her friends know that she was laying down the fight, and taking back her life.

On Facebook, Ellie wrote:

“My last request for all of you is to enjoy every single second of your life because you have no idea when your last moment is. Be happy! Live life to the fullest! Be kind and give back to the world. Resolve tensions and challenges with others. Be powerful in your own skin.”

Since that message, a grand, world-wide love fest has been popping up on her Facebook page, words and photos. And at her home base in California, Ellie was guest of honor at the celebration of her life, very much present, smiling and laughing, mugging for the camera.

This morning, with that same elegant power and self-determination, and so much love for this world, Ellie left us one more message. Today, she entered the final stages of hospice, and doesn’t expect to live long past this day, if at all. Her words were purposeful and direct, like someone going on a journey, not a woman in her 30’s being torn from this life.

Even though we are over a thousand miles from each other, and even though I have always been much more her student than her friend, I feel her with me now.

“Resolve tensions and challenges with others. Be powerful in your own skin.”

Thank you, Ellie. Godspeed, brilliant light. I see your spirit, your joy, and I believe it will last forever.

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One Response to Ellie-gy

  1. Wendy says:

    Blessings to Ellie on her new journey. What a witness to strangers. Thanks for sharing, Vicki.

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