52 Ways to Be Like Mark

January 27, 2016

On this, the 52nd anniversary of the birth of Mark Allen Daves, we present fifty-two ways to celebrate the man. (Friends & family, feel free to add your own)

  1. Stop at 7-11 on the way to work for a “Supa Big Gup” and a chocolate chip cookie
  2. Say this at work: “Measure twice, cut once.”
  3. Say this at work: “Hey! Less jawin’, more sawin’.”
  4. Say this at work: “Everything’s a hammer, ‘cept a chisel. That’s a screwdriver.”
  5. Eat a hunk of dry New York cheesecake, and wash it down with cold Perrier
  6. Eat BBQ and drink a cold beer
  7. Eat your mom’s beef stew
  8. Eat your mom’s yellow cake with fudge icing
  9. Make shepherd’s pie and eat it
  10. Bake incredible bread, and share it with people who’ll fuss over it
  11. Stick your butt out like an old man, shuffle your feet, and dance ’til somebody laughs
  12. Let your loved one catch you looking at them like she/he is the only soul on the planet
  13. Tell the “lemon drop cookie” joke (This version lacks Mark’s seasoned touches, but click here)
  14. Call your Mama Honey
  15. Call your Daddy-O
  16. Call your best friend and when he picks up, say “Hey, fucker” so he knows it’s you.
  17. Listen to “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Original Broadway Cast) and sing every word
  18. Listen to “Chicago” (Original Broadway Cast) and sing every word
  19. Listen to Robert Earl Keen, and sing every single word of “Jesse With the Long Hair”
  20. Listen to Bruce Springsteen
  21. Listen to Paul Simon
  22. Listen to Jimmie Buffet
  23. Listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “This Old Shirt” and cry, every time
  24. Listen to the Kingston Trio, and sing “Scotch & Soda” to someone you love
  25. Read some Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  26. Read some John Steinbeck
  27. Read some Mary Roach
  28. Read Shelby Foote’s Civil War histories
  29. Read slow as molasses, and recall almost every single word
  30. Cry because sometimes you can’t believe how beautiful this world is
  31. Tell the pirate joke (Click here)
  32. Fix the sink/the door/the chair/the mower, no matter how tired you are after work
  33. Help your neighbor, no matter how tired you are after work
  34. Make yourself stop for a minute to listen to your kid(s), no matter how tired you are after work
  35. Do someone a solid favor, and don’t tell a soul
  36. Come up with the perfect MacGyver solution to a problem, and tell everyone
  37. Load 78 feet of scenery into a 26-foot truck
  38. Fart like the maestro of smell that you are
  39. Watch “The Shining” even though it scares the hell out of you. Every time.
  40. Watch “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and laugh ‘til you’re on the floor
  41. Watch “Cool Hand Luke” and recite the dialogue
  42. Watch “A Tribute to Chuck Jones” and sing along with Elmer Fudd, “Oh, Bwunhilda…”
  43. Watch “Antiques Roadshow” and cooking shows
  44. Watch back-to-back episodes of “How It’s Made” ‘til your family threatens to toss you and the TV out in yard
  45. Fall asleep in the big chair
  46. Before you go to sleep at night, get out your mini-flashlight, a needle, and a pair of tweezers (Carpenters will get this)
  47. Give up on the Cowboys, again
  48. Drive with the windows down
  49. Gaze into your lover’s eyes until you both feel the world tilt right again
  50. Roll around in bed a little bit longer
  51. Buy yourself that book/that album/that shirt/that whatever, and for God’s sake, don’t feel guilty about it for one minute
  52. Know that all things are finite, and show your people that you love them, every chance you get, and hold on tight

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6 Responses to 52 Ways to Be Like Mark

  1. Dana Mullen says:

    I commit to doing #’s 11, 35 and 52, today. Number 12 is why I respected Mark. He was doing that the first time I ever met him and nearly every other time I saw the two of you together. You have loved and been well loved Vicki Caroline Cheatwood and I admire the ways in which you honor that privilege.

  2. Sandy haley says:

    Love this!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Beautiful. Thanks

  4. dehelen says:

    Reblogged this on Red Crested Chatter and commented:
    How to love someone, even after they’ve left this world.

  5. Laney Dodson says:

    I’m all over #41. Going to look for an opportunity for #35 today in his honor.

  6. Jim Lovell says:

    I don’t know why. I cannot explain it. But number 4 really resonates. Thank you, Mark ! Miss you !

    Sent from my iPad


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