How to forgive

If someone loves you and wants to marry you,
and wants to read this to you
at the wedding

Let him.

Be wowed. Be in awe of your good fortune. Be thankful.
Be generous in praise and

for god’s sake, let him read it.

Even if you are a control freak. Even if you’re an extrovert
who is suddenly, inexplicably shy, mortified by the thought of family and friends witnessing such intimacy,

let him read it. These words mean something to him. You see it in his face, the elation and the pride at having found this perfect expression of his love, this perfect gift for you.

And, if you don’t let him read it….

Release this. Eventually.

Years and years and years and years (and more years) later, when you again dip into the
Vat of Wrongs Committed
and pluck up this one,

toss it away. But first,

Say this.


I am so sorry.

Say it to the paper. Say it to his handwriting. Say it to the wind. Say it to every photo. Say it to the dog. Say it to a friend. Say it to the vodka/chocolate/fried jalapenos.

And then drop the damn rock.

Every time, from now on, say

I am so sorry.

And drop it.


About Vicki Caroline Cheatwood

Writerly. Rebooting. Evolving. Searching for great chicken salad.
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2 Responses to How to forgive

  1. Wendy Welch says:

    Forgiveness is so powerful. loveyou

  2. DW Gregory says:

    Fear cramps the heart doesn’t it? I feel it for you. What a declaration!

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