“Jack-a-leen” was my introduction to the music of James Hunter. I was hooked for life. Sexy, fun, saxy, a great tune for dancing around the living room with my love. JH wrote it for his wife, Jacqueline.

Mark was too sick for me to even think about getting away when JH played House of Blues in Dallas a while back. Around Christmastime this year, I checked his website, and read that Jacqueline had died. Cancer. The great, boundless, senseless, killing mess.

It’s been hard to listen to this song every since. But today, this morning, thinking about the devastation in West, and Boston, the storms, and – and, and, and…. Does it ever stop?

It occurs to me this morning that this song is about that same unbridled, “love, love, love, love crazy love” that Van Morrison sang about. The other great, boundless, senseless mess. The love that we’re here to experience, and celebrate, the love that makes us “dance around like a little kid” (thank you, John Prine).

So, here’s to the song, and the dance. Breathe through the hurt, hold on tighter during the pain, lean into the sorrow, and know that love is there, love never dies.



About Vicki Caroline Cheatwood

Writerly. Rebooting. Evolving. Searching for great chicken salad.
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3 Responses to Love

  1. Dana Mullen says:

    Amen sister! As many a great heart has siad before: it is the answer. Here’s a big ole, toe dangling, rib cage crushing, love ladened cyber hug for you (X).

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